The Aglais urticae on the Almond and Erguvan tree

The Aglais Urticae

What is a common element of the Turkish Erguvan tree and the ‘Dutch’ Almond tree?

It’s the Aglais Urticae butterfly!

The Aglais urticae butterfly, ‘Kleine vos’ (small fox) in Dutch and in Turkish ‘Small tortoiseshell’ or ‘Türk aglaisi’, will complement and complete the diptych of the two trees. This weekend we will have a go at it.

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In our free time, we discover the Netherlands bit by bit. On Sunday 5th we went to an unlikely destination of Deventer. This picturesque town hosts every year the largest book fair in Europe. After visiting over 400 stalls out of 850 (!), and with some fine purchases, we turned to the beautiful gothic St. Lebuin’s church. As 4 hours of walking didn’t seem to be enough of a challenge, we climbed an endless staircase of the church tower to be rewarded with a top-notch view.

Turkish tulips ‘LALE’ (1)

Tulip is one of the most iconic and traditional symbols of Turkey. Today, the tulip is still the national flower of Turkey. It’s also been a favorite motif of Ottoman artists and craftsmen. The Turkish tulip can be seen depicted on traditional ceramic bowls and carpets. Today the tulip motif can be seen all over Turkey. From Turkey’s tourism logo, the rear wing of a Turkish Airlines plane, the seat pattern on public buses and even hidden in the metal gates that surround public gardens.

Dutch Tulips (2)

I spend a long weekend in Poznan to be able to finish the painting. During painting I had flashbacks of coffee at my grandparents . It’s all so Dutch. The vase was an exciting part. I am happy with the result.