Expositions on the Blend of Turkish and Dutch Culture

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Istanbul & Amsterdam MEETUP

Amsterdam and Istanbul – who has been to both cities, know how different and unique they are; who hasn’t, will have a chance to see so through our exhibition. Two people, a Dutch one and a Turkish one invite you to take a look into how the two cultures stand on their own, what they share, and where they collide.

Where does the idea come from?

Amsterdam and Istanbul MeetUp is cultural project launched by two painters who met while travelling. They worked on the collection of paintings for over a year while living in two different countries.

The story begins in April 2017. Hakan books a room in Amsterdam through couchsurfing – a website for travellers to meet locals and share cultural experience. He  recently decided to abandon a 12-year career in urban designing and go back to university to do Master’s in Fine Arts. His couchsurfing host, Marcel, who works as an e-learning consultant, turns out to be also an art lover and an amateur painter. Few months later, Marcel pays a visit to Istanbul. That is when the idea of Amsterdam Istanbul meetup is born. Both Marcel and Hakan are proud of their cities and feel deeply connected to their  cultures. They know how different the two are, but they can also see the cultural exchange, stronger in our times when people travel more freely. They decide to create a collection of paintings that will express the unique beauty of their cities along with the common elements. Since then, Marcel and Hakan have been working on the project, while exploring each other’s cultural background.


The works of Marcel are illustrative and show Dutch-Turkish diptychs, consisting of two painted panels which both tell a story of Dutch and Turkish blends.

Hakan has a background in urban design and architecture. As a result of this, his works have different layers that create contrast, making the narrative stronger.

Istanbul & Amsterdam BULUSMASI

Projenin amaci Istanbul ve Amsterdamlilari ortak bir noktada bulusturmak.
Kulturel bir orta nokta bulmak ve paylastiklarinizi ve paylasmadiklarimizi goz onune sermek.

Hakan Ozcan ve Marcel Van Baaren Couchsurfing araciligi ile Amsterdamda bulustular.
Couchsurfing gezginginlerin ve yerel kisilerin bulusmasini ve kulturel paylasimlar yapmasini saglayan bir platform. Her iki kisi de sanata ve resime ilgililer. 2017 yazinda Marcel’in kisa Istanbul ziyaretinde bu projeyi gerceklestirmyi dusunduler.

Marcel’in calismalari daha ilustrativ ve Hollanda-Turkiye iliskilerini ikili iliskiler ile ortaya koymayi amaclar.

Hakan’in kensel tasarimci gecmisini eserlerinde gorebilirsiniz. Bu yuzden eserlerinde farkli katmanlar ve ikilemler kullanarak anlatimini guclendirmeyi hedefler.