Hakan Özcan

Hakan Ozcan OtoportreA former urban designer following his artistic calling. Always told that he should paint, took a more practical approach and studied architecture. After twelve years of successful career and journeys to over sixty countries, Hakan finally thought ‘yes, I should paint’. He went on to study Fine Arts, moved abroad, started experimenting with different techniques, ran out of his savings and faced all the hurdles of an ‘idealistic struggling artist’. First fruit of his bold, some would call a mad step, you can see at the exhibition.

“Marcel’s idea to create an art and cultural event to combine different cultures gave me a great opportunity to show my talent and knowledge with some artworks. In these artworks, I focused on combining layers, contrasts and styles to create new language that allows communication with a broad audience. I extracted symbols from my culture which has a reflection in Dutch culture. I believe this event is going to be an important activity for different cultures to meet in same platform and it is going to initiate a better understating and communication between people with different backgrounds.”