Ilkay Günerli

Ilkay GünerliIlkay became aware of her painting passion when she was a child. After graduating from Business School and working for the banking sector for 6 years, her adventure has began. She first studied jewellery designing at Academy Istanbul and worked for couple of well-known jewellery craftsman which then organised a personal jewellery exhibition at Hagia Sophia museum. After that she finished 2 years of traditional miniature painting class. Finally she thought ‘I have to learn painting’ and went to Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts for postgraduate education.
Ilkay, generally uses the objects from the past. She often takes photos in antiquity on the streets of Istanbul and in her mother’s house and designs the process of the formation of her works. While memories, childhood memories, life experiences, traditional values feeding her mind, she forms her paintings with acrylic and oil paint. While searching for different combinations in her works, she intends to create intense emotions and a smile on the faces of people.
The artist describes her missing of conventionalism, old times and childhood with using the old objects that were used at past. While doing this, she often uses ‘lace’ under or above the object. In this way, she creates a metaphor with ‘lace’.