Dutch – Ottoman trade

69885574_386514148701016_4330353376932921344_nThere has been intensive trade relations for centuries between Holland and Turkey. Traders (mainly from Leiden) imported Angora wool from Turkey (Izmir). This was used for expensive cloth production in The Netherlands. The end product ‘laken’, a type of linen, was produced black for the Dutch market, and colorful fabric was produced for Ottoman dress.

Under construction by Marcel van Baaren, Dutch -Turkish trade in Ottoman times. Tempera on wood. The painting will have a central role in the lecture of Cor Smit during the exhibit at the Istanbul University.

The painting will have a central role in the historic lecture of Cor Smit. See the events on facebook at 16 and 18 september. 

Introducing Hilal and Ilkay

The Istanbul Amsterdam MEETUP is an onging event where we exhibit paintings that connect cultures and show where we meet each other. We encourage other artists to join in our exhibitions… We are therefore excited to introduce Hilal Kocak and Ilkay Gunerli! Two talented artists and both residents of Istanbul. Hilal and Ilkay will be displaying several of their works at the exhibition in the Istanbul University.

See their work at Instagram: hilalkocak1 and ilkaygunerli


The Taksim tram

36280438_180451932625836_3791069616730537984_nIf you have ever been in Istanbul I am sure you fall in love with this wonderful tram. The tram is one of the symbols of Istanbul and you can find it on all kinds of souveneirs.

This painting by Hakan Özcan shows the carriage tram in all its speldour with the people and houses of Istiklal street faded in the background.